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On-campus Jobs

On-campus Jobs

International students are not allowed to work outside. If you are looking to make extra money to get through the semester, on-campus jobs are legal and ideal choice for students looking for work.

Part-time work arrangements are made during free time besides classes, club, assignments and extra-curricular activities. Jobs on campus reduce stress for students in the commute to and from work. On-campus job makes students more responsible and diligent.  Students are practically learning work-study balance while in school. Work on campus is good fit for students, because they get more time to understand about academic demands and communication skills with different faculty and staffs at your university. Some of the common on-campus jobs include Barista, mail room attendant, IT departments, Library attendant, teaching assistant, research assistant, administrative assistants, peer tutor, resident assistant, Social media assistant, lifeguard, campus tour guide, event caterer and much more. Therefore on-campus jobs are great choice for international students looking for part-time job. Hurry-up sign up and put your availability time in the form as soon as you get college admittance.

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