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Law and Order in USA

Law and Order in USA

Law and Order is very strict in the United States. If you commit any mistake, you will be penalized. Driving in the US is very law-abiding, you must have a valid driver license or learner's permit. You have to follow all street signs while you drive. We suggest you not to drive in any situation if you are drunk even if it is a less amount of alcohol. Drunk driving or DWI (Driving with Intoxication) or DUI (Driving Under Intoxication) will ruin your life. It will remain in your record for so long. You will have to pay a huge amount of money for penalty and community service. After graduation, when you apply for jobs, company will do background check, and you will have very difficult situation to get the job because of that blunder mistake. In some cases, people are also deported. While you remain in the US, you have to maintain your student status.


It is the country where every individually treated equally. If you did not commit any mistake, then you do have to worry for anything. No one will over authoritative on you. Everyone must follow the law. All jobs are equally respected. We highly recommend our students to obey the law.


If you are under 21, you can’t buy alcohol and if you are under 18 you even can’t buy cigarette. You should not be supposed to smoke if you are less than 18 and alcohol if you are less than 21. Driving in the US is right-hand side. You must have your valid driver’s license and auto insurance while driving the car.

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