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Student Life in USA

Student Life in USA

Student life in US is a lot different that Nepal or other countries. Most of the students are busy doing their projects and assignments after their semester starts. Student mostly goes to the university to take classes during fall and spring season. Normally fall season classes or semester starts in August and ends in December. Then, spring semester goes from January through May. Some students also take classes in summer, however, those class would be the fast track classes. In the United States, you will need social security card to work. To get the social security card, you got to get the job on campus. As an international student, you are not allowed to work off campus. It is illegal to work off campus for international students without legal work permit.


Grading system is based on GPA, where 4 is the highest score, which normally known as A or higher, 3 is B and 2 is C. C is equivalent to 70 percent. That’s the reason students need to allocate their time very efficiently. During summer, you can go to travel or visit your family members back in home. You can even work on-campus with faculty as you get the opportunity to work.


If you are under 18 years, you might have to live in the dorm or on campus. This is also sometimes depended upon university’s policy. But, most of the students live off campus sharing the apartment to save money. Both Undergraduate and graduate international students have to be a full-time student. Abroadpath team members will provide you detail information while you prepare to onboard for the United States. Our main goal is to give detail information to students, so that they can sketch their path on their own. Remember, it is better to have a fishing rod than a fish. With fishing rod, you can catch many fishes, but with a fish you can survive a day or two.

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