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General Questions


The United States has some of the world’s finest colleges and universities. Worldwide, they are reputed for quality programs, faculty, facility, and resources. U.S. higher education accreditation systems are in place to ensure quality standards.


The U.S. higher education system offers the world’s largest choice in types of institutions, academic and social environments, entry requirements, degrees, and fields of study. Currently, there are more than 4,000 institutions of higher education in the United States.


Considering a U.S. degree as an investment in your future, it offers great value for the money. There is a wide range of college costs, as well as some excellent scholarships available from colleges and universities.

In the 2016-17 academic year, there were 1,078,882 international students studying in the United States. With 11,607 students from Nepal, a 20.1% increase from the previous year, Nepal ranks as the 13th largest country of origin of international students in the United States (Source: Open Doors 2017 Report on International Educational Exchange. New York: Institute of International Education, New York).

Why did you select this particular university?Since no bachelor’s program in the U.S. is shorter than four years, a student intending to join a graduate program in the U.S. should have at least sixteen years of education in the relevant field. Students who have 2 or 3-year bachelor’s degrees or who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s program have three options to choose from:

Option 1

Complete a master’s degree in the relevant field and then apply for graduate study in the U.S. In some cases, students will apply for the master’s program again and in some cases, depending upon the institution, students can directly apply for the PhD program. Contact institutions directly to know which program you are eligible for.

Option 2

Transfer to an undergraduate program in the U.S. With this option, you can earn an undergraduate degree from the U.S. However, this option could be costly for some students as it might take between one to three years to complete the undergraduate degree. It can take up to three years because different colleges have different graduation requirements and you may not earn transfer credit for some of the coursework you have completed in Nepal.

Students are encouraged to weigh Option 1 and Option 2 and opt for the one that is best for them.

Option 3

A third option is available for students applying for an MBA in the U.S. You could apply for a bridge program (sometimes referred to as a pre-MBA) in the U.S. Very few colleges provide such bridge programs and you have to contact the college directly to find out the requirements for admission. A bridge program generally runs for one to one and a half years and you generally will need to complete your MBA at the same school.

In Sanskrit there is a saying “janani Janma bhumishya swargadapi gariyesi” which is imprinted

on Nepali paper currency. This means to say that the country in which you were born and the

mother are more precious than heaven. In this regard, we can compare US as the best country (like heaven), but for

me, my parents and the country of my birth are precious. They have invested huge amount on me and given love and caring.

I have got a good academic and professional reputation here that will also attract me to return Nepal.

One thing, I would like to assure that I have never done any illegal work yet. Illegally staying in

any country is not my ethics. I have also been involving in many social activities, and I have zeal

to do something in Nepal in future. So, all these reasons are the basis of my return to my own

country after completion of my degree in US. 


I have strong interest on this particular major, then your answer should be why are you so interested on it. Prepare some points and then give a clear explanation. Answer varies. 

Generally, the duration of the course would be 2 to 4 years depending upon the degree you are going to study. 

I have completed 10+2 from with flying colors from ABC college. I

have also studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In my school study, I was the top 3 students

of my class. You will have to explain based on your academic standing. Answer varies. 

I would like be a software engineer. My plan is to develop an application which can track stress while working. I have the following plans to achieve my goal. Then, you will have explain your plans in details. Answer varies. 

I went to USEF and got a university catalogue there. And found this university affordable in

favorable environment. Then, I visited its website. I got the information that .........

University is enlisted as one of the top five university of Texas state. I sent email to admission official.

Then, I communicated with department director through email. Finally, I sent all required

documents to the university through DHL. So, through website, USEF, Peterson’s university

catalogue and the university's website have gave me the information required. 

Financial Question

I have got 70% scholarship, which already lowered my tuition fee a lot. My parents have ABC business, which would be sufficient enough to pay my tuition and other expenses. I do not spend money unnecessarily, and spending on academic is always better for future. So, the tuition is affordable based on my family income. 

Different universities have different requirements. The university, where I applied, they told me that based on my academic score (GPA), SAT score and the essay I wrote supported me to get this amount of scholarship. 

The out of state tuition fee is approximately 12000 dollar, but I have got scholarship that granted

me “in-state tuition resident award”; which has reduced approximately 60 percent of total tuition

fee. So, I have to pay only 5,534.

If you are a extra opportunity, then, the following could be possible even for undergraduate students after the one or two semester of enrollment: 

And I am the competent TA candidate of the university and my

name has already been enlisted. If I get TA award, that will cover approximately all tuition fee.

And my accommodation charge is 9,750 dollar. Altogether, I have to pay approximately 16,800