Er. Shyam Sedai

Er. Shyam Sedai


Bachelors in Computer Engineering

Shyam Sedai is an entrepreneur & Computer Engineer from Houston, Texas. At present, he works at USAA as a Full Stack Software developer. He completed his Bachelors in computer/software engineering from University of Houston.

He has been pursing Master of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Sedai is a founder & CEO of Read Chariot International LLC, a software development firm. He co-founded Khojj.com, a platform to unite Nepalese community all around the world. He is serving as Youth Coordinator in the Executive Board of ANA since 2016. He has been actively engaging in social and academic activities for years. He technically assisted prospective students to set up their academic goals for abroad studies.

He has been training students for their English proficiency. He conducts webinars to the students seeking abroad studies. He represented as a public speaker in various conferences across the United States. We are proud to proclaim Mr. Sedai as …….. in our team.


Houston, TX

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